OSHA is protecting your employees ...
are you doing what you should for injury and illness prevention?

It's easy to get the Injury and Illness Prevention Plan materials you need to protect your employees and comply with Cal-OSHA.

Every California company, no matter the size, is required by Cal-OSHA to have an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) to protect the health and welfare of your employees. Since this plan can save you money, you might have eventually thought of it on your own if the government hadn't already mandated it.

This Injury & Illness Prevention Plan is immediately available for download and includes:

  • A fully-editable template in MS Word of your selection of one of the 3 template models that OSHA has pre-approved
  • Cal-OSHA implementation guidelines
  • Extensive hazard assessment checklists to help you assess your company's hazards
  • Numerous lists of possible training subjects that help you determine what's appropriate for your company
  • Worker Training and Instruction Record for for your convenience
  • Guide for an incident investigation
  • Ready-to-use Accident/Exposure Investigation Report form

Choose the IIPP model you need
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Your company is the primary target for lawsuits
resulting from an employee's work-related illness or injury. Your company can be held financially responsible because you have a legal responsibility to each employee to have safeguards in place to prevent accidents and injuries.

An IIPP helps keep employees safe and safely working by training your employees on safety procedures. If you haven't trained your employees and and an accident occurs, you pay the price.

  • Who has the biggest interest in keeping your employees safe?
  • Who has to pay the ever-increasing rates for worker's compensation insurance?
  • Who suffers when an employee is off work due to a workplace injury?

Yes, You Really do Want an IIPP!

Considering today's Workers' Compensation Insurance rates, you have to know there are a lot of work-related accidents. If you've never had this happen in your company, consider yourself lucky.

We've seen a lab employee slip on water, banging his elbow on a counter. A warehouse employee who got too confident and fell off a ladder. A secretary who decided to move boxes on her own and hurt her back. An employee who accidently stuck himself with a used needle. Each incident was avoidable and all ended up as workers' comp cases.

You can experience substantial savings in workers’ compensation costs when injuries and illness decrease. In addition, fewer lost workdays are possible and even employee retention is increased with a safe workplace. Employees know when you care about them and you are both rewarded for the effort.

An Injury and Illness Prevention Plan helps minimize accidents
and is
required by Cal-OSHA.

An IIPP sets up the procedures and processes to review the potential hazards throughout your facility and eliminate or reduce the dangers. The goal of an Injury and Illness Prevention Plan is for you and your employees to be aware of and correct any hazards around your company that could result in accidents. This is a continuous process that allows employees to become involved in keeping coworkers safe.

Regularly scheduled training ensures your employees understand risks and teaches them how to protect themselves from any hazardous materials used. Awareness helps your employees stay alert and prevent accidents.

The Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP) must be written in a way that is approved by OSHA. Your plan's training may be very simple or more complex, depending upon your employees' exposure to various levels of hazardous conditions. A well-written Injury and Illness Prevention Plan (IIPP), with relevant safety training, will give your employees the information they need to do their job safely.

A Small Investment… With a Huge Payoff

Our goal is to help small businesses succeed. But you can't do that if you're not protecting your employees and your company. That's why we're not charging you for all the time we spent gathering information and putting it all into a ready-to-use guide and template that only requires your specific company information. All for the small investment of just $97.00!

Choose the IIPP model you need
for only $97.00!

  Non-High Hazard IIPP  
   Typically for environments posing little to no danger
   to any of the employees, such as in offices.

  High Hazard IIPP
   Typically for environments posing some level of
   potential danger to employees, such as businesses using
   electrical tools, ladders or other elevated platforms,
   chemicals, biological hazards, and other types of
   potentially hazardous working conditions.
  IIPP for Intermittent Workers
   Typically for environments that regularly hire extra
   staff for peak seasons. For example, retail stores for
   holiday shopping, agricultural businesses for harvesting
   or planting, or floristshops for Valentine's Day
   orders, etc.

Please note that it's important you choose the correct model for your business. The examples listed are not inclusive but should give you a good idea of which type of businesses use which model. The implementation process is the same for all models.

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